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2024 Sebasticook Chapter Test Dates

Spring Test: May 31- June 2

Summer Test: August 23-25

(No fall test)

We encourage those who might be interested to try testing as it not only gives you a standard to measure your dog’s progress, but it also provides structure and an outline of goals to work toward in your training, all of which will result in a more reliable hunting companion. The Sebasticook Chapter hosts two NAVHDA-sponsored testing sessions each year – a spring test generally held in early June; and a summer test held in August. The NAVHDA system tests dogs at various levels of maturity and development. Testing reflects actual hunting conditions and situations in the fields and at the water and each dog is evaluated individually against a standard by a team of three judges. The NAVHDA system offers 4 levels of testing, 3 of which are offered at Sebasticook Chapter:

  • Natural Ability Test (NA): evaluates the inherent hunting abilities of young dogs. Test components rate dogs regarding use of nose, search, tracking, pointing, water, desire, and cooperation. Only dogs 16 months or younger on the day of the test are eligible to run. Dogs over 16 months may run as space allows for an evaluation only with no prize awarded.
  • Utility Preparatory Test (UPT): evaluates dogs more advanced in their training. Among other elements, test components rate dogs on their steadiness in the field and their diligence in water searches.
  • Utility Test (UT): examines trained dogs as finished versatile hunters. Test components rate dogs on steadiness before and after the shot, the retrieve, and all aspects of the water search.

*The Invitational Test (IT) is the highest NAVHDA testing level and is only offered once per year at one central test location in the US and is invitation only. Dogs that achieve a Prize I Utility score will be invited to the Invitational the following calendar year.

For more information on NAVHDA testing - see NAVHDA Aims, Programs and Testing booklet .

Sebasticook Chapter Test Fees

Natural Ability Test: $130
Utility Preparatory Test: $150
Utility Test: $150

Sebasticook Chapter Test Entry/Refund Process

Test Entries with a check (payment) will be taken by the Test Secretary by USPS mail. Chapter members with currently paid dues for the Sebasticook Chapter AND NAVHDA International dues can mail their entries starting January 15 to January 31st. Starting February 1st, test entries will be accepted from Non-Chapter members and Chapter members. This will continue on a first come, first served basis until the tests are full. A waiting list will start after that.

Mail the form (click button below), test fee check (payable to Sebasticook Chapter of NAVHDA), and other applicable documents to the Test Secretary:

Form MUST be mailed, we do not accept electronic copies.

Click this button to go to the Test Entry Form.

Marie Wade
Sebasticook Chapter Test Secretary
115 Elm Street
Farmington, Maine 04938

Please call or email Test Secretary, Marie Wade, with any questions/concerns regarding the test. You may reach her at home (207) 778-4868 or email prior to test day; or at (207) 491-5797 on test day. You will be notified by Marie upon receipt of your entry form that you have been placed on the running order or, if we are full, the waiting list.


If you’re pulling your dog from any test, the Sebasticook Chapter of NAVHDA Test Secretary must be notified by email at Your entry fee will only be refunded for the following reasons:

  1. A medical condition arises for either the dog or the handler which must be documented by a Doctor’s or a Veterinarian’s note
  2. You are on the waiting list and no openings occurred to permit you to test your dog

    NO REFUNDS for any other reason.

If you are on the waiting list and offered a slot in the test and you decline that offer, you WILL NOT receive a refund.

If you have entered more than one test and pull from a subsequent test, you WILL NOT receive a refund.

The Day of the Test

Dog/handler teams signed up for the test must arrive to the testing grounds in Smithfield no later than 6:30 to check-in. The test will start promptly at 7:00am. All handlers will receive the final running order and an outline of the day from the judges at this time. Handlers will also have the opportunity to ask questions. Bitches in season are required to run on the last day so please let the Test Secretary know as soon as possible. All dogs are required to be on leash at all times when not running in the field and there will be a designated area to air your dog. Light breakfast fare and lunch are offered each day for a nominal fee.

What to Bring:

  • Plenty of water for you & your dog
  • Vest and/or Hat with blaze orange (for UT tests)
  • Water bottles to bring with you in the field so you can water your dog during the test
  • Kennel/Stake Out
  • Tarp/Some sort of shade for your dog
  • Bug spray, sunscreen, first aid kit, rain gear, rubber boots, snacks, folding chair & extra clothes for any change in the weather that may occur
  • A flat buckle collar. No cinch, choke or e-collars are allowed while running in the test
  • Bring your NAVHDA pedigree if you wish to have the Judges to sign it at the end of the day.

Click here for a list of places to stay as well as directions to test site.

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