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Contact Information

Please contact any officer or director for further information about the chapter.

Kris Goodine
207-356-6076 (Cell)


Test Secretary - Director at Large
Marie Wade
(207) 778-4868

Director of Testing:
Monique Huber


Vice President:
Tim Huber
Director of Judging:
Robert England
(207) 798-9275
Ad Hoc Outreach Coordinator:
Steve Doak
(207) 623-2221

Ian Gordon
(207) 745-4728

Director of Communications:
Anna Lyon

Ad Hoc Director of Gunning:
Mike Picher
(207) 458-1892
Peter Dumond
(207) 577-5390
Director of Training:
Amanda Doak
Past President - Director at Large
Andy Doak
(207) 620-6724

To register use of the Versatile Place training ground:

  • Call or text Land Manager Peter Wade at 207-491-1122.
  • In the event that the Land Manager cannot be reached, call or text Assistant Land Manager Tim Huber at 207-376-5901.

Please be aware that registering your use of the Versatile Place does not convey exclusive use. Members are expected to comply with the Land Use Policy. Please read this policy before using the grounds. If you have any questions, contact the Land Use Manager or anyone on the above list.

  • See MAP of the Versatile Place




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