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A Versatile Place

In Smithfield, Maine, there is an exceptional place with diverse ecological features including wetlands, forest, scrub shrub, and fields. Located between Route 8 and the Serpentine Stream, the Greer property encompasses 98 accessible acres of fields and woods with stream frontage connecting East Pond and North Pond in the Belgrade Lakes watershed.

Photo of Versatile Place, Smithfield, Maine.

Sebasticook Tradition

For more than 10 years, the Sebasticook Chapter of NAVHDA has used the property to hold a number of events:

  • Versatile dog training and testing events as the space is ideal for working our versatile dogs in the upland, as well as on water
  • We partner with the University of Maine 4-H Camp at Bryant Pond to host a youth education program on the property each year in August, where our members, along with their dogs, show the campers the skills required to keep, train and handle versatile hunting dogs
  • This year, we will be introducing a new Veterans’ Hunt Program as part of a partnership with Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine where we give Veterans the opportunity learn the sport of hunting over a versatile dog

Community Treasure

As stewards of the property, Sebasticook NAVHDA has maintained the ecological and wildlife habitat for not only events such as these listed above, but also for members of the surrounding community to enjoy as well:

  • Public water access to the Serpentine Stream surrounding waters for canoeing, kayaking, picnics and fishing activities
  • Sebasticook has carefully managed the land and shoreline as it is home to a variety of plant and animal species, and as such provides a great place for recreational bird watching and university or state agency ecological studies
  • High priority to be protected in the Kennebec watershed by the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance


Sebasticook NAVHDA has maintained a good relationship with the current owner over the years and now has an opportunity to purchase the 98-acre property. The Chapter’s leadership has launched a fundraising campaign to raise $150,000 toward the purchase of the property in early 2018.

Our Goals:

  • To secure the land for continued use by our members
  • To preserve the current public use for the surrounding community members
  • To protect the open space from development
  • To preserve water quality in the watershed

When we own the property, the Chapter’s use of the land will total fewer than 60 days each year. For the remainder of the year, the property will continue to be open to schools for educational purposes, universities and state agencies for ecological studies, organizations to hold Heritage events, and to the public for fishing, bird watching, picnics, and access to canoeing and kayaking.


Development of the property poses a threat to the shore land and wetlands, to water quality, and to migratory and nesting bird populations. Protecting the shore land and water quality is critical to maintaining this Versatile Place as an important wildlife habitat and recreational area. If not protected, this land will likely be sold for development. We want to make sure the property remains undeveloped and that local citizens and the public have access to enjoy the space for years to come.


Sebasticook NAVHDA is a 501(c )(3) nonprofit. Our chapter members are individuals and families who are animal lovers and hunting dog owners. Our goal, first and foremost, is to maintain the Greer property as open space accessible to all.

You can help us by making a gift or pledge today to the campaign for A Versatile Place. Your donation will support land conservation, water and soil protection, public access to a treasured property, wildlife habitat, and education and heritage events.

We would be honored to recognize you, your family or your business as a donor to the campaign for A Versatile Place.  Gifts may be pledged and paid over two or three years.

Gifts and pledges are tax deductible and can be mailed to:

Pledge Form

Sebasticook Chapter of NAVHDA
Attn: Peter Dumond
87 North Main Street, Mechanic Falls, ME 04256

Alternatively, if you would prefer to make a one-time, online payment:

For more information about the campaign, contact:

Bob England

Greg McNeal


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